Our Story


From humble beginnings, our company is now over 20 years old. By combining the resources of our design, marketing, product development and manufacture, we work with a number of retail chains and wholesalers around the world to take an idea through to a ready to retail product. Although we have the ability to work with many product categories, our major strengths are in the following areas:

Christmas: With our flair for innovative design, we have added an extra touch of magic into Christmas. Our exquisite colour themed brands will make your Christmas arrangement look like a masterpiece.

Licensed Products: We are proud to have been associated with many licensed brands such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, HIT Entertainment and more. Artwork is produced from brand style guides to meet the needs of our customers and satisfy the license owners exacting standards for premium class products.

Craft: Investing heavily in design influences from around the world, and having developed strategic partnerships with some of the world’s largest retailers, we continue to lead the market in the production of scrapbooking, card making, and general craft products.

Stationery: We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of stationery for home, office and school. We have the unique ability to accommodate requirements for private label or special packaging. Our Fashion Stationery ranges continue to drive significant sales growth for our retail partners around the world.


Print factory: Operating out of 3 facilities in Guangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou, we specialise in printed paper, stickers, craft embellishments, dye based cardstock, stickers and adhesive book covering.

Merchandise Department: Each customer is allocated an account manager to take care of all the details of orders from placement to shipment. As well as handling the products we manufacture, we also supply a sourcing service from other China based factories.

QC Department: We understand the need for each order to meet the correct standard of quality, so we will inspect each order during production and prior to shipment.

Product Design Department: Working closely with the design team, the product designers ensure a constant flow of new innovation that looks amazing as well as being fit for purpose and competitive to the international market.

Design Department: Our team of 6 designers from around the world are constantly researching the latest design influences to ensure we are current and on trend. We also design packaging using customer’s artwork guidelines.

Shipping and Administration: Provides services such as consolidation of orders, booking of orders with nominated forwarders and supply of documents in a timely fashion.

Storage and Distribution: We have warehousing and distribution facilities to enable us to store and distribute stock to customers in an efficient and timely manner